Running by Calla and Tyr - New York City Basenji Gathering - 1 September 2019

Six basenjis on the first of September for a run in Washington Square Park. The real action was provided by four-year-old female Calla (black/white) and special guest Tyr, a nine-month-old trindle male from Jersey City. Tyr was born in Austin, Texas and this was his first visit. The running stars were joined by two-year-old Mia (light brindle); red/white hosts female Fuji (7.5 years old) and male Kepler (5 years old;) and veteran nine-year-old red/white C.Y., back from his summer in Saint Petersburg. (Approximate temperature: 72°F | 22°C.)

Music: “Care About You” by Density & Time
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Rob Johnston